Talented & Professional


Elohim Peña is a versatile newly Chicago based actor who has worked in theater, film, and television in New York and the Twin Cities. From drama to comedy, his adaptability allows him to bring an edge to the characters he portrays.

He has worked with the following theater companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Park Square, Frank Theatre, Market Garden Theatre, Open Window Theatre, Theatre Coup d’Etat, Teatro del Pueblo, and others. Elohim was in an episode of a new docudrama series on ABC titled “In an Instant” in March 2015. He just moved to Chicago and is now represented by Actor’s Talent Group.

About Me


Sometimes your heart pushes you to places you never thought you’d go. After Elohim was accepted into the William Esper Studio’s two year Meisner program, he essentially restarted his life. He left his family and friends in Minnesota -not to mention school – to follow that dream he’d always had to be an actor. He never looked back. He dived into his craft and reinvented himself. He studied voice and speech with Nancy Mayans, acting with Barbara Marchant, and movement with Ted Morin. In doing so, the extremely shy, quiet, smart kid found his confidence, his charm and his charisma. He dream started becoming his reality.